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  (the song)




By Bruce Holmes

On this day celebrate for a life lived true
All the mornings you rose with the dawning dew
In the early morning air
With adventure everywhere
The discipline and thrill in what you do
There is joy in this
And endorphin bliss
There’s a hero’s bed you may lay upon
If you give your best
You’ll have earned your rest
Here in the dream of the marathon

You are psyched, fortified, at the starter’s blast
Racing long, keep your calm, don’t go out too fast
You’ll feel strong at the start
Before things fall apart
That bounce in your step isn’t bound to last
You’ll soon face the wall
Your pace slows to crawl
There’s an ache in your joints as you struggle on
Ev’ry painful step
Ev’ry weary breath
Deep in the heart of the marathon

There are times in a life when the blazing sun
Saps your strength, courage fades in confusion
No more wings on your feet
Only weight in the heat
And you pray for the heart of a champion
But you’ve run this race
For a thousand days
You have carved out a will that can carry on
Now your time has come
Those old doubts undone
Here in the fields of the marathon

Oh the hurt that life brings is a transient thing
You have chosen a way of remembering
These are seeds you have sown
It’s a heart that has grown
There is steel in your legs for awakening
When this race is run
When your life is done
You will cherish the mem’ry of ever on
Long this pride will grow
And you’ll always know
You chose the life of the marathon

©2006 Bruce T. Holmes All Rights Reserved