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Shipping Charges, Directions

When I'm sending out a single CD, I typically use First Class Mail. The Post Office has never lost one of my shipments and the delivery time is excellent, usually a few days or less. If I'm sending a book out, I'll use media mail because it's so much cheaper than parcel post. Even then delivery is fairly quick.

Shipping & Handling to the United States and its territories is $4, no matter how much you order.

For Canada the rate is $10.

For all other Foreign Shipping the price is $15. (I apologize for that. On this date, January 27, 2013, the international rates just doubled. I'm dumbfounded, but First Class Mail is still the cheapest option I've found.)

All sales are guaranteed. If you're not happy with your purchase, your money will be refunded. All of it.

Transactions are handled by PayPal. With PayPal you always have the option of paying with a credit card; just look for that option on the screen - it's there. PayPal has solid security in place. If you wish to buy more than one of an item, you'll be able to modify the quantity in the cart. If you have any difficulty you can email me at:

If you would be more comfortable paying by check, you can always send me a check at:

Bruce Holmes, 1115 Mulford Street, Evanston, IL 60202-3318

The Internet Exporer version 8 Problem

I've begun using PayPal to handle charge card processing for me, and most of the time it works quite well. But perhaps 5% of the time people get an error message. I've talked to the folks at PayPal and they tell me this is most likely to happen when people are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer ver. 8. I'm told if you'll clean out the cashe and make sure cookies are enabled, that should solve the problem. Cleaning out the cache, is another way of saying deleting your browsing history. If you're using Internet Explorer to view this screen, look on the upper right corner of the window. Do you see a "Tools" button? If you click on that, you should see a "Delete Browsing History" option. Clicking on that will bring up a window which includes multiple deletion options. I can't imagine you'd want to delete all of the categories. I should think deleting "Temporary Internet Files" and "History" would be adequate. Enabling cookies is handled by opening up "Internet Options" under that same Tools button you used a second ago. The "Security" and "Privacy" tabs in the window that comes up have slider settings to allow you to increase or decrease your level of protection. If you'll decrease these so cookies are allowed, that should do it. One user who had this problem reports that setting the Security setting to Medium and the Privacy setting to Low did the trick. (You may always go back and change these settings back once you've placed your order if leaving the setting at those levels worries you.) Try the Buy Now button again and see if things go better this time. If all else fails, I do accept checks. Here's the address:

Bruce Holmes
1115 Mulford Street
Evanston, IL 60202-3318