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Anvil of the Heart by Bruce Holmes


Anvil of the Heart - $20 Hardcover

From the first paragraph to the last,
Anvil of the Heart was difficult to put down.
It is a truly extraordinary book.

Victor Besaw, author of The Alien; The Sword of Shandar

I have no hesitation in expressing enormous
enthusiasm for Anvil of the Heart. It is, as British
reviewers always seem to say, a "jolly good read,"
and, I think, a real find.

Rob Swigart, author of The Book of Revelations

Anvil of the Heart is written with zanshin. Well-executed, it has color, action, thought and feeling--a first book which makes one eager to read the author's second. Mr. Holmes is a writer to watch.
Roger Zelazny, author of The Chronicles of Amber

A fascinating novel, an excellent first! I think other readers will enjoy this very much indeed.
Anne McCaffrey, author of The Dragorriders of Pern