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Life's An Intelligence Test, CD by Bruce Holmes
Comes with a t-shirt
Color Pref: Blue, Red or Green


Life's An Intelligence Test

A masterpiece of acoustic music!
Radio Teutoburger Wald, Germany

A very great album of folk songs.
Peter & Phillippe, Radio Waves International, France

“Shine” is one of the best summaries
concerning what's really meaningful in life
that I have ever heard expressed in a song.

Fred Dolan, WJCU, Ohio

14 great tracks with some excellent folk songs.
James Pearson, BBC Radio Shetland, Scotland

$14 (includes t-shirt)

t-shirt is green, blue and red

The Old King's Reel, CD by Bruce Holmes
Comes with a t-shirt







The Old King's Reel

Bruce has delivered a beautiful CD
with great songs and beautiful music.

Freddy Celis, Rootstime

Great stuff. Like it a lot!!!!!
Martin van der Laan, Radio Compagnie

A very cool CD.
Kevin Elliott, WEFT

Deep feeling & always inspiring performances.
I enjoyed it from start to finish. Great music.

Remo Ricaldone, Susa Onda Radio, Italy

$14 (includes t-shirt)

Old King's Reel t-shirt in black with gold lettering