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The Old King's Reel

The Old King's Reel Cover - Bruce with Bouzouki, castle background

If you like a song, the button with the two down-arrows allows you to download it. I do this on the honor system. If you're downloading songs, a donation is appropriate. Songwriters need to pay the bills just like anyone else.


Bruce has delivered a beautiful CD
with great songs and beautiful music.
Freddy Celis, Rootstime

Great stuff. Like it a lot!!!!!
Martin van der Laan
Radio Compagnie

A very cool CD.
Kevin Elliott, WEFT

Deep feeling and always
inspiring performances. I enjoyed
it from start to finish, and I found
great music in it, always accompanied by intelligent lyrics.

Remo Ricaldone,
Susa Onda Radio, Italy




$14 and we'll throw in a t-shirt

Old King's Reel t-shirt in black with gold lettering

Comes with a t-shirt for $4 more