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CD Release Concert & Celebration
November 29, 2005, Lakeshore Theater

Photographs by Laura Nachtrab

Bruce with band onstage
The show started off with songs from:

Jeanne T. Arrigo

Jeannie T. Arrigo singing with guitar

Diccon Lee

Diccon Lee singing with guitar

Chris Cameron

Chris Cameron seated at the organ


and Jerry Thiel

Jerry Thiel with guitar singing

Then we had the full band take over

Bruce Holmes with band

Larry Beers

Larry Beers behind drums

Chris Cameron gesturing with hands beside his head as if pushed apart by a swelling head

Chris explains the cranial swelling that can result from an overabundance of flattery

Bruce playing guitar Bruce & Jeannie singing together


Attendees chatting during intermission

His mother insists JJ enjoyed the music enormously

Child sleeping soundly in his mothers arms

Concertgoers chatting with each other People buying CDs & t-shirts

More music

Larry at drums, Bruce on guitar, Chris at keyboards

Bruce singing and playing guitarJeannie, Dicon & Jerry
Bruce, Chris & Jeannie

The band takes a bow and says goodnight

Goodnight, thanks for being part of this, have a great life, drive safe, tell someone you love them, go home...