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Technical Help

There's just a little bit of technical background that might help. Approximately five thousand people have bought the Feldenkrais Lesson CD over the years and 99% of those have not needed any handholding. But a few have, and here's a summation of the guidance I can offer. If these comments don't result in success, you can call me up or email me and we'll work it out together.

First understand that this is not a normal "music" CD. It uses a different format for the storing of information. Using the old "music" CD format, it would require perhaps 36 CDs to store all the lessons. (And I would have had to charge a whole lot more for it.) But by using files in the mp3 format, I'm able to put all 48 lessons on a single CD. It's the same format you get when you buy a song online and digitally download it.

About 10 years ago the powers that be decided that CD players should be able to play files in the new mp3 format (along with being able to continue to play CDs in the old format). So a consortium of CD manufacturers announced a new "Jukebox" format and recommended that all new CD players be able to handle this format. However it was only a recommendation and there was no timetable set. So including this option in CD players has been a gradual change. None of the CD players at the time of the announcement could handle mp3 "Jukebox" CDs. Maybe 5 years later perhaps half the CD players could handle it. These days, almost all supposedly do. I don't have definitive data on any of this, that's just the impression I got as I studied the feasibility of using this format. So if you've got a newer CD player, you can probably play the Feldenkrais Lessons CD on it. If it's an old one, probably not. If it was made a few years ago, who knows. Since computers have always been able to handle multiple formats (and since this "Jukebox" format we keep talking about is really just a data CD) all computers can read the Feldenkrais Lessons CD. And from the start DVD players were designed to be able to read such CDs.

Obviously, all mp3 players (like the iPod and countless others) will be able to play the files. The only issue is moving the files from the CD onto the mp3 player. In many cases (Apple mobile people keep reading until you get to the stuff that's specific to Apple) that's simply a matter of putting the CD into the computer Disc drive, plugging your mp3 player into a USB port and copying the files from the CD to the mp3 player-in precisely the same fashion you would copy any other file. Keep in mind that when you put the Feldenkrais CD into the computer, you won't be offered the option of ripping the CD to transfer it onto your hard drive. Ripping means taking a music CD and converting the files into the mp3 format for storage on your computer. Since the files are already in mp3 format, that just isn't something you need to do and you won't see it as an option. If you want to move the files into a media program's library, you need to know that typically when you "Import into Library" you're not necessarily creating new files on your computer. It's more like creating an entry in your software telling it where the file is located. What you're viewing in your program is a list of the files, not the files themselves. If you "Import" the files on your Feldenkrais CD, the software may very well leave the files on the CD and simply note their location. Unfortunately, you would then need to make sure the CD is in the drive whenever you wanted to play one of the files. If you want to be able to store the CD away, you'll need to copy the files onto your hard drive and only then do the "Import to Library" while pointing at the copied files, not the CD files. Alternatively you may also have the option of telling your software to move the files onto the computer's hard drive as it does the "Import." This is typically something you'll set as your wish in the "Preferences" section of the software.

iPods, iPhones and iPads are a little different. In this case the transfers need to happen through iTunes. Here are the steps to follow:

Put the Feldenkrais CD in your computers optical drive.

Connect your iDevice (iPod, iPhone, iPad) to your computer (cord into USB port).

Open up iTunes. You should be able to see your iDevice in the left-side gray section.

From the top menu, click on Files - “Add To Library”

Navigate to the CD and select the Feldenkrais lessons files you want to move to the iDevice. Add them to your library.

Now within iTunes click on the “Recently Added” playlist (left-side gray section) and select the Feldenkrais lesson files. Then drag them to the iPad section of the left-side gray section. A plus symbol appears along with the number of files to be added. Release the click and the files will be imported to the iDevice.