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Price & Shipping Info

After years of people asking for the lessons to be made available again, it's happened. We've converted the 48 lessons of Volumes I and II to mp3 files and loaded what once filled 24 cassettes onto a single CD: The Feldenkrais Lessons: Awareness Through Movement. This CD can ONLY be played on computers, DVD players, or the most recent generation of CD players designed to be compatible with "Jukebox" CDs. (With the normal music CD format it would have required perhaps 36 CDs.) You can also copy the files into any mp3 player and play them that way. But the good part is we're dropping the price from $176 down to $44. Shipping & handling in the USA is $4, to Canada it's $10 and to all other destinations it's $15. (I apologize for that. On January 27, 2013 the international rates flat-out doubled. I was dumbfounded, but First Class Mail is still the cheapest option I've found.) If your order arrives before the day's postal delivery, it will typically go out that day. If not, it will go out the following day.

Outside the USA: If the overseas postage rates seem daunting and you are shocked by extra fees at your end when you get packages from overseas, I'm willing to set up a download for you. First write me with your name and address, once I know to look for your order I'll give you the go ahead. There is a drawback to this approach. You may very well come to treasure the lessons and want them available in the future. Computers die and get sent off to the recycling centers. If you do it as a download, make a copy for yourself and store it away somewhere safe.

If you want to explore the Feldenkrais Method and the genius of Moshe Feldenkrais from the comfort of your own home, this is the most cost effective method you'll ever find of doing so.