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Ballroom Dance

I've heard ballroom dance has received a bit of a bump in interest thanks to Dancing With The Stars. I for one can't stand the judges and don't watch. My friend Joy and I took a ballroom dancing class from the local high school's continuing education offerings and enjoyed it. But then you have to go out and do it on a continuing basis if you want to keep what you've learned. And I didn't love that world. Most of the dances I talk about here charge maybe $5 for an evening. Ballroom in Chicago charges $15 or more. I didn't get the same sense of community because we weren't working together as a group. I didn't like the artificiality of the posture and the strange contortions of the upper carriage. It looks more like preening than enjoying your partner's company. I didn't find myself wanting to go back. I wish this sounded more enthusiastic. Maybe your local ballroom scene will be different. It is a fun thing to learn. It sure comes in handy at a wedding. Of course, it's been a while since I've been to a wedding.